Primary RTSI Contacts:

project information - Evan Lewis (Triangle Associates):; 206-583-0655 (ext. 120)

Data Requests - ben BAKKENTA (PSRC): BBAKKENTA@PSRC.ORG; 206-971-3286 

Primary Sound Cities Association Contact - Brian PArry: BRIAN@SOUNDCITIES.ORG; 206-433-7169

Primary King County Contact - SUSAN WEST: SUSAN.WEST@KINGCOUNTY.GOV; 206-477-8361 


Meeting Times and Location:

All RTSI Technical Committee Meetings are held from 10:00 a.m. - noon the first Friday of every month in 2017 (however the ) at the Puget Sound Regional Council Office: 1011 Western Avenue, #500, Seattle, WA 98104